Driving rhythms of African and Indian music with the intricacies of jazz and Western classical melodies, exotic textures and instrumental colours of Indian instruments and melodies. Expansive and evocative, creating a robust musical journey.


Symbiose, a trio of musician/singer/songwriters from Congo, part of a new Afro-European movement that may be creating the dominant pop sound of the 21st Century and perhaps represents the future of international pop. J Poet, Tower Pulse Magazine.

The Coconutheads

Mixing in jazzy, moody tones with great skill, The Coconutheads turn up the volume on Caribbean music with reggae, soca, soul and calypso.


The spirit of Wayquay’s Native American Ojibwe culture is evident, both musically and lyrically, with the integration of pop, rock, and even funk. Her delivery, in a husky voice, is injected with a rap cadence, textured with traditional instruments and layered with chants. Wayquay’s music video “Navigate” won the best music video award from the American Indian Film Festival and the Native American Music Awards.


Since his acclaimed debut at Carnegie Hall, Tian Jiang has become recognized as one of the first virtuoso pianists to emerge from the People’s Republic of China after the Cultural Revolution. Tian’s original compositions, many based on Chinese folk songs, are clean and refreshing.

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The Pulse of the Earth

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