The entertainment industry is greatly impacted by disruptive technologies. Large numbers of people can be reached faster and for much less investment through multiple distribution platforms.

Technology fuels the interconnectedness of emerging global audiences transcending traditional demographics with a new-found accessibility of long-overlooked creative talent around the world.

We’re an entertainment company modeled to thrive in the 21st-century business environment: distinctive, versatile, agile, organically created as a global lifestyle brand reflecting cultural trends of the 21st century.


Offer a diversity of cultural elements


  • Zillennials are a unique generation, born the last years of millennials and first years of Gen-Z, growing up in the transition from the non-digital to the digital-first, knowing the old, understanding the new and where we’re heading, and possessing the interest and energy for change.

    With the youngest being 22 years old in 2021, Zillennials are the future millennials and are estimated to make up 40% of all consumers.

    Cultural Correspondents reporting on cultural trends from around the world will become a Zillennial destination, drawn to the global orientation, authenticity, curiosity and independence of RHYTHMS OF THE GLOBE.

  • 110 million baby boomers, almost almost $3 trillion annual spendings, own over 70% of America’s financial assets and in Europe the Boomers’ reach is similar. Boomers travel and embrace the internet to explore different cultures through diverse creative genres and styles.

  • A coherent subculture, a global perspective, a consciousness for change. 15% of adult Americans, 47 million people, $250 billion market in the United States alone and growing around the world. The future of business and the future of social, environmental and economic change.


Laurence Singer brings an unusual range, depth, and diversity of experience, working to establish new business models suited for the 21st concept of doing well and doing good – at the same time.

Operating Philosophy

RHYTHMS OF THE GLOBE operating model is to have a small core of administrative, operations and production personnel, relying on experts and specialists for specific projects as needs arise. This model is even more appropriate in today’s economy where outsourced creative and engineering support is readily available. This operating model for a new, growing company:

  • keeps a ceiling on fixed and overhead costs;
  • allows for opportunities to work with some of the most talented people and the most prominent professional firms, with their skills dedicated to specific projects;
  • encourages strategic alliances and joint ventures;
  • promotes faster growth because the organization is not tied into a rigid operating structure;
  • permits greater flexibility in the allocation of resources;
  • scales easily.


Akwaaba, a romantic comedy set in present-day Ghana, part of the emerging new, positive African narrative. A reflection of the RHYTHMS OF THE GLOBE brand.

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